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Basic Terms

Learn the terms that you will need to understand when creating a ticket.

Incident:  A single event which causes an unplanned service disruption for a previously functioning service, which was not induced by any intentional change or action.

(Example: User calls to complain about Outlook failing to open. She clicks on an icon, but nothing happens.)

Severity: A generalization of the impact of an incident to business operations and the urgency by which it should be resolved. 1 impact and 1 urgency must be selected at a time to create a priority level:


High – Major Business Processes are stopped
Medium – Business is degraded, but there is a reasonable workaround
Low – More of an irritation than a stoppage


High – Whole Company is affected
Medium – Departments or large group of users are affected
Low – One user or a small group of users is affected

(Example: No one at Milner location is able to make a phone call. Gets no dial tone. – This would likely match a High Impact with a Medium Urgency. (High/Medium)

Request:Any new request to add, change, remove, or otherwise alter an existing asset due to growth, preference changes, or business requirements.

(Example: User Manager calls to request a new user be setup in Exchange and on the network. Also, this user will need a new laptop setup.)

Out-of-Scope: Any incident or request we receive related to assets which meet the criteria for Exclusions, as defined in the Exclusion clause of a service agreement. Generally, this will be assets which are not managed in our RMM platform or otherwise monitored and documented.

(Example: Internet is slow at a remote site, but there is no managed networking equipment which is monitored.)

In-Scope: Any managed assets which meet the Minimum Standard clause of a service agreement. Generally, this include any assets which are managed and monitored in out RMM platform or are otherwise monitored and documented. 

(Example: User has no wireless at location Lab. Location Lab has Unifi APs which are monitored and managed by PCS which we can diagnose and remediate.)

Line of Business App: An essential application which clients use to operate their business. Unless otherwise stated, our general support agreements will include PCS supporting these applications in conjunction with third party support. Any LOB third party support contact information should be documented as part of client onboarding and available for assisting the third party with access and technical hands-on for managed clients.

(Example: QuickBooks requires an update to a server application. As long as the client has LOB third party support, we will be scheduled and perform technical tasker PER THIRD PARTY support as needed within scope of agreement availability)


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